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K9 Freestyle dog displaysHere is the smallest member of the team who has earned the name of "Princess Betty" due to the fact she is a little spoilt! Anyone who knows me will tell you I like to plan things so having had Whizzy only fifteen months before it was not in the plan to have another dog Richard Curtis and Betty part of the K9 Freestyle dog display teamuntil she was three. That was until I saw this little bundle of energy who had been bred by a friend of mine. If I ever had a small dog it had to be small so I have looked at in the past some Chihuahuas but had never found the right one. Betty is predominatly Chihuahua and is a real bundle of energy which is just how I like my dogs.

When I saw Betty she was just the right size and even though she was not on home turf so to speak she was very driven by food and toys. Her sister who was Betty a member of the K9 Freestyle dog display teamwith her probably was the one that most people would have gone for and certainly Carol that bred them was thinking Bettys sister would be better. Carol had sort of decided to keep Betty so I had to persuade her over several days to let her come home with me.
Betty a micro dancing dog performs in the K9 Freestyle dog displays
I am so pleased that I decided to go against all my plans about having another dog in a few years as she has already bought many laughs and hours of enjoyment.  I am totally and utterly under her spell and im sure she will wrap me around her little paw over the coming years.